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Candidate raps CV to star-struck recruiters
Following in the footsteps of many a crafty graduate, an engineering student has come up with his own novel way of getting himself noticed at a job fair...
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Is this the most adorable job ever?
  The tourism board of the Australian state of Tasmania is recruiting for a unique position, on the hunt for someone to take the mantle of Chief Wombat Cuddler...
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Social experiment used to recruit the 'right' people
A recruitment drive has used a social experiment to shed light on some uncomfortable issues surrounding poverty...
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Donald Trump conducts impromptu job interview during news conference
“You’re hired!”
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McDonald's debuts Japanese anime recruitment drive
Fast food giant McDonald's has undergone a makeover, redesigning its recruitment campaign to include a Japanese anime movie...
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Board game mocks the recruitment process
A new Cards Against Humanity-style board game mocks the hiring process by putting players into the role of recruiters trying to fill a role...
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World famous footballer conducts worst job interview ever
What happens when Zlatan Ibrahimović takes over a job interview?
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Recruiters use online poem to boost hiring
Charlie Chaplin infamously mused “why should poetry have to make sense?” Well, if the medium is being used to create an online recruitment film about the power of difference, it’s important that prospective candidates can at least decipher why a potential employer appeals to them...
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Candidate's hilarious rap CV makes him overnight YouTube sensation
A candidate looking to land his dream job came up with a rather unique way of standing out from the crowds of other applicants...
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Starbucks autistic employee finds Facebook fame as 'Dancing Barista'
An autistic teenager has found internet fame through demonstrating his unique method of serving coffee at work...
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