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Is this the most dramatic recruitment drive ever?
Some jobs require a different kind of recruitment - where the positions advertised have less to do with candidate experience or academic prowess, and more are concerned with innate behaviours and mind sets...
Hilarious BBC interview teaches candidates to think on their feet
It’s important to remind your candidates to expect the unexpected when it comes to job interviews...
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The best viral recruitment videos of 2016 so far
Anime, poetry, dancing police officers and a hungry child…
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BuzzFeed hopeful gets backing from Obama in video CV
A video producer hoping to be hired by BuzzFeed has called on the leader of the free world to give his application some extra clout...
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BBC show Employable Me sheds light on disabled candidates
A recent BBC show entitled Employable Me followed a group of disabled jobseekers looking for work...
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Candidate raps CV to star-struck recruiters
Following in the footsteps of many a crafty graduate, an engineering student has come up with his own novel way of getting himself noticed at a job fair...
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Is this the most adorable job ever?
  The tourism board of the Australian state of Tasmania is recruiting for a unique position, on the hunt for someone to take the mantle of Chief Wombat Cuddler...
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Social experiment used to recruit the 'right' people
A recruitment drive has used a social experiment to shed light on some uncomfortable issues surrounding poverty...
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Donald Trump conducts impromptu job interview during news conference
“You’re hired!”
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McDonald's debuts Japanese anime recruitment drive
Fast food giant McDonald's has undergone a makeover, redesigning its recruitment campaign to include a Japanese anime movie...
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