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SCARE TACTICS: 5 nightmare bosses revealed
These bosses spark fear long after Halloween is over... read more ›
Unemployment hits record low - but is this positive for rec?
'Such a tight labour market has shifted the strain from jobseekers to recruiters...' read more ›
The hefty price you pay for skipping your lunch break
The average worker takes just 27 minutes out of an allowed 40 for lunch, costing them... read more ›
ONS: Brexit uncertainty affecting candidate wages
Unemployment figures in the UK remain at their lowest rate recorded since 1971, however, wages aren’t mirroring this buoyant growth in employment... read more ›
Totaljobs Director responds to BBC gender pay gap row
The recent publication of the BBC’s gender pay disparity has had ripples through all sectors... read more ›
1 in 3 bosses deal with messy 'work spouse' divorces
Nine out of ten employees admit that they believe a strong workplace relationship makes it easier to retain staff... read more ›
3 interview tricks your candidates need to know
3 interview tricks your candidates need to know
When in doubt, remember the Boy Scout motto – always be prepared... read more ›
How recruiters can help the youngest and eldest candidates into work
With the skills shortage, an ageing workforce and the threat of automation hanging over the UK... read more ›
EXCLUSIVE: Nick Hewer's 10 tips for hiring a star
Dry mouthed, damp palms, clouded minds - we’ve all experienced a nerve-wracking job interview at one point during our careers, but it can be easy when you’re not in the hot seat to confuse nerves with incompetence... read more ›
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