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EXCLUSIVE: Nick Hewer's 10 tips for hiring a star
Dry mouthed, damp palms, clouded minds - we’ve all experienced a nerve-wracking job interview at one point during our careers, but it can be easy when you’re not in the hot seat to confuse nerves with incompetence... read more ›
EXCLUSIVE: Nick Hewer's 10 tips for recruiters
EXCLUSIVE: Nick Hewer's 10 tips for recruiters
Speaking exclusively to Recruitment Grapevine, Nick Hewer, Lord Sugar's adviser on The Apprentice, offers ten tips... read more ›
Apprentice star's job interview advice: 'Ease off the cleavage!'
Do you agree? read more ›
Apprentice star's job interview advice: 'Ease off the cleavage!'
Do you agree? read more ›
Candidate becomes robot in search for job
With automation set to rise one jobseeker has turned himself into a robot to gain employment... read more ›
What recruiters can learn from Leicester City's success
The story of Leicester City’s triumph has dominated the public forum for weeks now... read more ›
The degrees employers love to see on CVs
Have you ever wondered which degree is the most sought-after when it comes to candidate selection? According to a recent report by the American National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the degree which makes an applicant most desirable to potential employers is maths based... read more ›
Fired The Apprentice candidate says she's 'too good-looking' to get hired
The latest candidate fired from The Apprentice says she’s too good-looking to be taken seriously in business... read more ›
Sugar and Hewer reveal Apprentice prediction problems
Lord Sugar and Nick Hewer have both given their opinions on the difficulties of candidate assessment on The Apprentice... read more ›
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Shocking reasons why these candidates were rejected
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