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Do you want to minimise bad hires and stay compliant?


The entire purpose of technology is to save us time and speed up processes that are cumbersome and laborious. If we’re not taking advantage of this, then what are we using our tech for in the first place?

Automated screening software can cut down your time to hire, make it less likely you’ll make a bad hire, and save you time with processes that don’t rely on a single consultant gathering and verifying data.

As a recruiter, you might need to carry out a high number of Right to Work checks. If you’re in the Health or Education industries, ensuring you’ve carried out DBS checks is critical for Ofsted and CQC regulations. Or in the Construction industry, criminal checks are essential to comply with BPSS.

And that’s not all, you can use this technology to prompt individuals when tasks are due, carry out background checks and ensure your candidates have right to work status. Instead of recruiters bent over photocopiers scanning documents and calling references, your systems streamline the process giving you more time and a faster hiring cycle.

Join our webinar and discover:

• How to spot a bad hire, warning signs to watch out for

• The benefits of automated screening software

• How automated screening can improve the candidate experience

• A mobile app that can check you’re compliant with Right to Work wherever you are

• If automated screening is truly compliant enough to pass audits and Home Office checks?

• How some organisations are benefiting from automated screening software

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