What recruiters can learn from Gareth Southgate

What recruiters can learn from Gareth Southgate
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Gareth Southgate's greatest achievement could be galvanising the people of England around their national football team once again. But how did he do it?

It’s worth remembering that when first appointed, Southgate was criticised for being 'too nice' and lacking a ruthless side needed to be a successful England manager.

But two of his earliest decisions disproved that notion early on. His bold move to drop Wayne Rooney and play a new system with a philosophy that focused on allowing players to express their talent showed real character.

But what are the wider lessons for people looking to take their own recruitment career to the next level? What can Southgate teach us?

To succeed, a bit of bravery and trust in your own ability is needed. There will be many talented recruiters out there who believe they would be perfectly capable of running their own agency. Those people who have sat on a safe salary for several years, but are being stifled, and are not able to explore their full potential.

The Recruit Venture Group was set up to give people that little bit of confidence they need to take their careers to the next level by launching their own recruitment start-up.

That begins by putting up 100% of the money needed for launch. There’s no risk and no financial pressures.

Next, in order that the talented recruiter is able to go out into the marketplace and do the job they do best from day one, The Recruit Venture Group takes care of all of the back office functions of the business, including IT, accounts, payroll, marketing and HR.

These two elements give the new business that chance to thrive. Taking care of the finance and the back office burden gives the new business owner that ability to focus on the core job and take it in the direction they think is best. That first day of opening offers remarkable potential.

The Recruit Venture Group knows the talent is out there, and that’s why the model is set up in the way that it is. The 43 businesses that have already been launched are working proof that the system is working. Those that have since taken charge of their own careers wonder why they didn’t do it sooner, and often tell of the sheer liberation of finally being able to shape their own business, enacting the strategies and approaches they always thought would be successful, but were ignored by their former bosses.

Let’s go back to football.

For all the supposed ‘Golden Generations’ of England players, the feeling after tournaments in the past was usually one of a missed opportunity, of seeing talented players fail to perform to their ability. For some reason, the players froze, they were scared, and they didn't believe in themselves. You only need to look at England’s dismal penalty shootout record before this World Cup as proof.

In work, as in sport, it is always a real shame if a clearly talented individual isn’t ever quite able to realise their potential.

Southgate appears to have instilled a new attitude of calculated risk taking, of ambition, and of taking ownership of your own future.

That couldn’t be a more appropriate outlook for someone who wants to take charge of their own career, their own earning potential and, ultimately, their own legacy. By partnering with The Recruit Venture Group, that journey goes from impossible dream, to exciting reality.

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