Pregnant candidate has job offer revoked & sues for thousands

Pregnant candidate has job offer revoked & sues for thousands

Recruiters around the world must be mindful of equality and discrimination laws.

However, one US employer seems to have overlooked such laws, by revoking a job offer for a candidate just two hours after she made them aware of her pregnancy.

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  • Bink
    Thu, 20 Jul 2017 1:04pm BST
    It's a difficult one as you can see both sides, the employer needs someone to be there working and the lady needs employment to save money for when the baby arrives (maternity pay is poor) and carry on with her life afterwards. Unfortunately in this day and age most people need 2 incomes to avoid loosing a roof over their head. Since our existence as a species woman have had babies, and shocker, that's probably going to continue for many many more years to come! Employers can claim back most or all of SMP pay from HMRC and can always find a temp to cover, not ideal but a solution. Both sides are thinking of their own number 1 priority which isn't wrong in either case. We are human though, not robots. It's not convenient for employers when people get cancer, go off sick, have a mental breakdown etc but it will happen, that's life. I hope that the Manager at the employer in this story doesn't have to go through any long term absence from work for anything. If we want a productive future workforce then enabling either parent the time to care and nurture their child is essential.
  • Robo
    Thu, 6 Jul 2017 3:26pm BST
    Funny old world

    I am 100% pro equality and as a small business owner have had people leave on maternity leave. The impact on the business is huge not just in terms of workload but also client relationships and continuity and stability.

    The law says it is not fair for the employer to ask this question yet it is fair for the employee not to declare a key fact that directly impacts on the welfare of the company.

    Funny old world - does equality mean equality...unless you're the employer? Or by asking the question, does that mean I am no longer pro-equality?
  • MG
    Thu, 6 Jul 2017 1:00pm BST
    I was involved in a similar case in 2007 when a candidate was shown the door in an interview I had set up for her. She sought legal advice and took them to a tribunal. She was successful and was awarded £7800.
  • Anonymous
    Thu, 6 Jul 2017 12:39pm BST
    I'm a woman and I still think this is unfair (although I do appreciate it's in line with the law).

    I think it's important not to discriminate against pregnant women in their roles, but if a company needs to make a hire, they need someone in the role! it seems unfair for someone to not inform them of pregnancy, get the job and then go off on maternity leave very soon after for 6-12 months.....

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