Why UK employers love EU candidates

Why UK employers love EU candidates

With 2.2 million EU workers employed in the UK, employers are increasingly fearful that a ‘brexodus’ of workers will exacerbate the ongoing skills shortage.

In part, this is because of the skillsets, education and “work ethic” that EU workers bring to the UK economy.

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  • Bink
    Fri, 23 Jun 2017 10:52am BST
    Minimum wage jobs are harder fill as minimum wage is not generally enough for a lot of people to get by on that have commitments (mortgage / rent / kids etc). For example supermarkets, I know 2 people that have worked in a large supermarket chain one for 25 years the other 30. They are on exactly the same wage as someone starting on day 1. These people are British, loyal and hardworking people. They are supporting their kids and have to claim tax credits to "top up" their wages. I am sure this story is repeated across the country. If businesses are finding it hard to recruit then I don't believe it is necessarily because British people are lazy or don't have the right attitude (In general). To be honest I would do care work, emptying bins or cleaning if the money was comparable to what I do but it isn't and these sectors will always struggle because peoples attitudes to work have changed and people are not willing to work hard for someone without being able to afford to keep a roof over their head, raise a family, food on the table and save for retirement etc. People in this country want more than just being grateful for having any job which in the grand scheme of life isn't unreasonable! We all have to work but people want more than just being able to survive which in this day and age in Britain should be achievable. It's a complex subject as people wouldn't need as high a salary if cost of living, housing mortgages and rents weren't so sky high so something needs to change somewhere and then maybe there would be more incentive for British workers to work in these low paid, low prospect jobs.

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