Recruitment agencies will need to expand their reach

Recruitment agencies will need to expand their reach
Promoted by Recruitment agencies will need to expand their reach

A recent poll revealed that nearly half of the UK workforce are on the move and considering leaving their job in 2018. If the Investors in People 2018 employee sentiment poll becomes a reality, where will people turn to find their next role and how can you expand your reach in attracting them to your talent pool?

In our last recruitment grapevine insight, Candidate Sorcery: Lessons from the wizards of recruitment we shared the Agency Candidate Sourcing Workflow of activities/channels listed in order of priority, that agencies reach for when presented with a new job to work on.


Source: Candidate Attraction Survey 2017


Is the Agency Candidate Sourcing Workflow delivering the desired results?

Further findings from the Candidate Attraction Survey 2017 revealed that there was an extensive spread of results in finding quality and quantity candidates from the channels used in the agency sourcing quadrant. So is the agency candidate sourcing workflow delivering the desired results?

The Agency Sourcing Quadrant 



Looking at the Agency Sourcing Quadrant it shows us that where proactive sourcing tools are used they appear to generate the best results. Whether scouring LinkedIn or CV databases – both are delivering a good quality and quantity of results. Yet both of these channels are way down the sourcing workflow priority.

We know from the Candidate Attraction Survey that CV databases are used by 81% of agency recruiters, compared to 31% of in-house teams. Website as a channel is used by over 91% of agencies yet delivers an average quantity and quality of results so needs to up its game if the Investors in People job exodus poll proves correct.

“If you always do what you’ve always done”

When it comes to finding candidates, agencies head straight for their database. Having a well-stocked, warmed up pool of talent is the most efficient and effective sourcing tool at Recruiters disposal. But how effective the other sourcing channels are for you in expanding your reach for the best talent needs your analysis.

Can you accurately track your most effective channels that deliver quantity and quality candidates? If you can’t then you are leaving the door wide open for others agencies to expand their reach for that sought after quality talent to fill their roles.   

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