Candidate Sourcery: Lessons from wizards of recruitment
Promoted by Candidate Sourcery: Lessons from wizards of recruitment

Candidate Sourcery: Lessons from wizards of recruitment

Key objectives of the 2017 Candidate Attraction Survey were to discover how both agency and in-house recruiters are attracting talent and which promotional activities, channels and sources are helping to fill their roles.

We wanted to get an insight into the mindset of recruiters, when they are presented with a new job to work on, what are the tools that they reach for first and what do they do to expand their reach?

We gave respondents a list of candidate sourcing activities and asked them to sort them into their order of priority. The aim was to identify their sourcing workflow. We found significant differences between how agencies and in-house recruiters approach new jobs. Recruitment firms are likely to scour their candidate database first, but in-house recruiters tend toward tactics for finding new candidates. This isn’t entirely surprising - since the survey found that only 50% of in-house recruiters use their existing candidate database as a sourcing tool.


When it comes to finding candidates, agencies head straight for their database, having a well stocked, warmed up pool of talent is the most efficient and effective sourcing tool at their disposal. The agency database (ATS/CRM) is rated top for both candidate quality and quantity.

Agencies used a wide spread of channels including Social Media, Pay-per-Click and Job Boards. However, it is the pro-active tools that are delivering results of better quality and quantity of candidates – ATS/CRM, Linked In and CV Databases. Some channels are under performing in their current guise but there are lessons to be learnt in measuring performance and results.

The full report shows some interesting findings and lessons that can be learnt. You can download your free copy of the UK Candidate Attraction Report 2017 and examine if agencies or in-house are winning with each sourcing channel.  The report is completely free of charge so request your copy today

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