How to beat the competition in sourcing and placing candidates
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How to beat the competition in sourcing and placing candidates

How to beat the competition in sourcing and placing candidates

Can you answer honestly where your best candidates come from? Having an understanding of what sources provide the best candidates and what is working to nurture long term talent relationships is sure to accelerate your success.

As part of The UK Candidate Attraction Survey 2017, an extensive survey Eploy are undertaking of over 600 UK based recruitment consultants and in-house recruiters, early findings show that the channel agencies rank highest for candidate quantity and quality is their existing candidate database – using their ATS or CRM as a pro-active sourcing tool.

According to the early survey findings, a recruiter’s biggest challenge is a scarcity of qualified candidates – with over 80% of agencies reporting it as a key problem. 

In an ideal world you could do a quick search of your recruitment database and boom! There’s the perfect candidate waiting patiently in your filtered list.

But if your candidate pool is more like a shallow puddle, and the candidates within the pool are not engaged, you won’t succeed in the current marketplace.

Some tips for beating the competition:

  1. Recognise the signs of when your organisation reaches its turning point with spreadsheets – automated recruitment software will lessen the administrative burden of CV collation and candidate matching and create the optimum candidate experience.
  2. Communication with candidates should not be laboured and time consuming – it needs to be responsive, efficient and trackable.  Also, online interview scheduling, tailored job alerts and relevant websites will draw and nurture the best talent.
  3. Cast your net far and wide with social searching for candidates – also don’t forget to make it easy for job seekers to share your vacancies – referrals are known to be effective in providing quality candidates.
  4. Have a real-time, single view of your candidate pool and forecast at each stage of the pipeline will enable you to proactively manage each opportunity to the next stage.
  5. See the bigger picture – purely tracking applicants won’t help you beat the competition. Smart recruiters need recruitment tools to help quickly find and engage passive candidates, provide a stellar service and ensure candidate, client and vacancy information is up to date and accurate.

If you want to know more about the biggest challenges in candidate sourcing and the most successful channels which produce the best quantity and quality candidates in the quest to beat the competition, sign up to receive the full Candidate Attraction Report, which will be published in October.

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