3 reasons data driven recruitment will change your organisation for the better.
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3 reasons data driven recruitment will change your organisation for the better.

3 reasons data driven recruitment will change your organisation for the better.

Here at Eploy, we’re big fans of recruitment analytics and business intelligence tools.

First off- we're really proud of our award winning Dashboards (OnRec Recruitment Innovation of The Year 2016). Not just because of their (shameless plug) beautiful design and rich functionality- but because of how they enable  our customers to understand the effectiveness of their recruitment campaigns.

The bottom line is: recruitment data helps you to make fundamentally better recruitment decisions. Rather than making decisions on gut feel, you can make evidence-based decisions. And evidence-based decisions means that your organisation will be a more fulfilling, efficient and ultimately profitable.

Here are three ways data-driven recruitment can help you to make better hiring choices.

Find The Best Source

Are your current attraction techniques working? Look at how many applications you receive from a specific source, as well as how many hires you make. The results might surprise. Often the source that provides the most applications does not provide the most hires. Use the information to inform your recruitment marketing techniques and budgets.

Reduce Cost of Hire

Spending money to save money might sound like an anti-austerity message to some. But many organisations that invest in a modern recruitment software find that they can save money by reducing their overall cost of hire. Reducing the cost hire means you can reallocate the saved budget to any number of factors in your recruitment strategy. Reinvested into recruitment advertising campaigns, improve your employer branding or improve your grassroots recruitment campaign.  

Reduce Candidate Drop Out Rate

You can’t hire the best candidate for your role if they can’t complete their application. No organisation in the world is that good. If you’re confident that you have optimised your candidate attraction techniques to the hilt, then it’s time to look at your application process. Does applying for a job at your organisation feel more like a mortgage application or like signing up to a newsletter? Use your recruitment data to see where candidates are dropping out. Reviewing this data can help you to make simple but effective changes. Application form too long? Add 'save for later' features. Do candidates need to duplicate data into their application forms? Add CV parsing.

Ease of Access

Tracking all of this information can appear labour intensive and complex. That’s where technology can help. Modern recruitment software, like Eploy, can automatically track this information and deliver it to recruiters in easy-to-understand dashboards. All of this can help in-house teams to achieve their ultimate goal- getting the best possible hire into post as quickly as possible. Surely a massive positive for any organisation.

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