4 Ways CIPD Research Shines Light On Technology's Role In Recruitment
Promoted by 4 Ways CIPD Research Shines Light On Technology's Role In Recruitment

4 Ways CIPD Research Shines Light On Technology's Role In Recruitment

The annual Resourcing and talent planning survey, published by the CIPD earlier this month has shed light on the way technology can impact the in house recruitment process. Here at Eploy we were struck by how the responses in the CIPD survey seems to mirror the experiences of our customers. Here are a few highlights of the survey, as well as opinions from some of our customers. 

1. 74% of survey respondents believe their most effective attraction method is their own corporate website.

Example: David Lloyd Clubs, one of Europe’s largest racquets, health and fitness operator have reduced their cost of hire by 98% by funnelling their applications through their Eploy powered careers site. 70% of new hires are now acquired directly through their website.

Read the full David Lloyd Case Study

2. 41% of HR professionals believe the length of their recruitment process has led to the loss of potential recruits. 

Example: Prior to moving to Eploy, The now Ladbrokes Coral Group were using a legacy system which required candidates to duplicate information into several online forms.

After moving to Eploy, they reduced candidate dropout rate by 61%.

Read the full Ladbrokes Coral Case Study

Example The Royal Mencap Society reduced their time to hire 40% and saved £145,000 per annum by moving to Eploy and utilising Lean recruitment methodology to streamline their recruitment processes. 

Read the full Mencap Case Study


3. 16% of HR Professionals say their organisation currently measures the return on invest of their recruitment activity.

Example: Peter Brett Associates (PBA), an independent practice of engineers, planners & economists recently implemented Eploy having previously managed their recruitment campaigns via spreadsheets and emails. As Eploy has a self-service recruitment analytics – meaning recruiters can now create their own real-time dashboards that measure the metrics that matter most to them. As Emma Chorlton, Recruitment Business Partner at PBA says “[Eploy] has revolutionised our world! I now know exactly where I am at with each of my vacancies, I’ve got traceability of all my candidates and can report on application statues- I have Eploy Dashboards that help me prioritise where I put my time.” Emma Chorlton, Recruitment Business Partner, PBA.

Read the full Peter Brett Associates Case Study


Find out more about Eploy Dashboards

4. 89% of organisations have been making efforts to improve their employer brand in the last year.

Example: Independent business and technology consultancyBaringa Partners were recently nominated at the best workplace of 2017 in the 500+ employee category by Great Place To Work.As an Eploy customer, Baringa candidates get a seamless experience when they apply. Take a look at Baringa’s candidate experience for yourself http://www.baringa.com/careers/ .

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