The 15 free recruitment tools you need in your life

The 15 free recruitment tools you need in your life
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Everyone needs a bit of help now and then. Fortunately, there are a number of free tools out there that are great for in house recruiters. Now, we could’ve filled this list with stuff that everybody knows about- Facebook, LinkedIn etc. - but that just wouldn’t be helpful. We’ve tried to find the online tools that you might not know about. They might not even be designed specifically for recruitment, but their wide variety of applications make them perfect for recruitment. We’ve broken this list down into 4 sections: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Automation, Semantics and Social.


1.Google Analytics

The most widely used analytics platform in the world- Google Analytics can give recruiters important top level insights in traffic levels, demographics, device usage, user journeys, drop out levels, conversion numbers. Need a little help getting started? Read the Recruiter’s Guide to Google Analytics eBook. Also free.

2.Google Search Console

Not for the faint hearted, Search Console can provide a next level of insights and tools for the savvy recruiter. Search console lets users see how Google is interpreting your site and gives you some power to alter this. Caution is needed however, and we strongly recommend a digital expert takes control of search console.

Business Intelligence

The perfect tools for keeping tabs on your competitors.


This popular digital insight tool has actually been around since 1996. The widely used Alexa Rank is a reliable way to see how your competitors are performing in terms of search rank and traffic levels.

4.Google Alerts

Want to see what your competitors are writing about? Google Alerts will email you every time your competitors come up on their search engine. Simple.

5.Google Trends

Google Trends gives you access to historical Google data. Recruiters can use to this to see which month of the year the term ‘graduate jobs’ is most popular, for example. Or to see general trends for job searches. Pretty much any online trend.

6.Value of Hire Calculator

The value of hire calculator gives you an indicative monetary figure for how much your next hire could be worth. Think you’re about the hire the next best thing in your industry? Take a look at how much top talent could generate in revenue for your company.


Automation in recruitment is one of the key themes of 2017. If your recruitment software doesn’t have any automated actions, then you might want to check out a modern alternative. The tools listed below help you to connect areas of your recruitment strategy that might otherwise be isolated.


IFTTT, otherwise known as If This Then That is a tool for automating your life. Want to keep an eye on your competitors’ Twitter account? You can automatically put their Tweets into a Google Spreadsheet for you to analyse at a later date. As well as about a million other things.


Like IFTTT, Zapier connects a number of popular Web Apps. While IFTTT is completely free, Zapier does charge for some things. They key differentiator: Zapier offers a deeper integration with a wider variety of web apps, including some CRMs.


Everyone could do with checking that their job descriptions are as good as they can possibly be. Here’s our favourite free tools to do just that. 


Keep the Grammar Police off your back with this free chrome plug in that checks your grammar and spelling as your write online. What’s not to love?


Want to write more succinct job descriptions? Head to Hemingway. Hemingway analyses the way that you write and the length of your sentences, and then suggests ways to make your prose easier to read. Just like Hemingway himself.

11.Check My Job

Check My Job is a free job description checking tool that analyses job descriptions for any unconscious gender bias, optimal length and equal ops statements. Keep your job descriptions compliant!


Every recruiter is looking for new ways to connect with talent. These apps will help you to do just that!


Followerwonk gives you deep insights into your Twitter Audience. You can also see followers and their locations and you can get social authority rankings.


Rapportive allows you to see a contact’s LinkedIn profile in Gmail. LinkedIn inside Gmail. Sound powerful? You betcha. is a web chat service you can embed on your careers site. It’s completely free, and it gives candidates a chance to contact your team in real time, while they are actively on your careers site.


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