5 simple candidate engagement hacks
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5 simple candidate engagement hacks

Candidate engagement levels are difficult for most organisations to measure- especially when measuring engagement between application and interview stages. That’s because engagement is usually 0%. Not through any fault of the candidate, mind you. Rock bottom engagement levels are a result of rock bottom content levels. The bitter truth is: most organisations don’t have a candidate engagement strategy. Once the candidate has applied, there’s a 50/50 chance they won’t hear anything further.

Yet a new study by CV Library has shed light on just how important a candidate engagement strategy is. According to the study, 11.1% of candidates admitted to failing to turn up to a job interview. 11.1% represents a sizeable hole in your recruitment budget, not to mention the business hours lost for recruitment managers and hiring managers.

The study reports that the top reasons for failing to turn up to an interview were:

  • the candidate decided they didn’t want the job any more
  • or they decided the company wasn’t a good fit for them

Both of which could be prevented with some simple candidate engagement techniques. A candidate engagement strategy can help to provide additional information on the company and the position before the candidate reaches the all-important interview stage. So if the candidate is going to qualify themselves out, then they will do so with a minimum impact to your business hours.

Here are 5 simple candidate engagement hacks you can you use to nurture your candidates between the application and interview stages.

1. Auto responder

Sounds like a no brainer in this day and age, but it is surprising how many companies fail to acknowledge a candidate’s application immediately. Not only is it considered good manners (after all the candidate has just taken time out to fill in your application form) it should be a standard for any modern recruitment software.

More importantly, you can use your acknowledgement correspondence to point applicants to some of your employer branding content. This can be a good way for candidates to visualise themselves working at your organisation, or possibly qualify themselves out before reaching interview stage.

2. Candidate Portal

A candidate portal is a great way to unify your communications whilst you review applicants. It can be used to automatically inform candidates on the status of their application, or if they are unsuccessful, it could provide suggestions of other relevant positions.

3. Automated interview reminders

When you’ve decided which candidates you’d like to interview, re-enforcing times, dates and details can dramatically reduce dropout rates. Moreover, it can give candidates ample opportunity to rearrange or even cancel in advance.

4. Mobile Communications

Scheduling mobile communications within your candidate attraction strategy can also increase engagement. For example, instead of sending an email with an interview location, why not send an SMS with a dropped map pin? Instead of emailing content, why not engage them on social media using remarketing techniques?

5. Employer reputation management

Managing your online employer reputation can make or break your talent acquisition strategy. After all- employee advocacy is a quickly becoming a critical hiring tool. The internet is obsessed with recommendations and organisations are not immune. While you are checking candidates out on Facebook, they are checking you out on sites like Glassdoor. Ensuring your online reputation is as good as it can be can reduce candidate drop-out rates and help you to attract top talent.

These simple hacks are accessible to virtually any organisation, but of course, they are much easier to achieve if you have modern recruitment software

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