Recruitment lessons from Game of Thrones

2. Always conduct a background check

Remember the Red Wedding? That soul-sucking moment where all your dreams for a King in the North were crushed like Prince Oberyn’s facial tissue? The Starks just assumed that the Freys would forgive them for re-engaging on their promises, and they didn’t even bother to do any recon work over Bolton’s alleged loyalty.

The whole bloody mess could have been avoided with a simple background check. Family politics, like recruitment, is fraught with potential minefields. It’s only by doing your research and being vigilant that you can ensure you have the right hire.

3. Organisation is everything

It may seem as if everything happens off the cuff in The Seven Kingdoms; however, a great deal of planning goes into most strategic decisions. When Ayra begins her training under the Many-Faced God, she already has in mind who she wants to kill. She is dedicated to not only learning new skills, but avenging her friends and family – something that we see her doing all too well with Walder Frey.

Now, no one is suggesting that you start offing your office nemesis, but the underlying message holds true. The life of a recruiter can be hectic. With looming deadlines and endless client calls, it’s easy to fall into a cycle of stress. Always be prepared, and remember to document everything. Organisation is the key to success in this industry. 

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