EXCLUSIVE: Nick Hewer's 10 tips for recruiters

6. Ask about their previous job

This may be testing, but it allows them to tell stories about their career which may be very relevant to what you’re expecting of them. Talking about past experiences is often easier for individuals, which can help them relax even more.

7. Use the right body language

Body language can speak louder than words. Trust and rapport needs to be built, and a good way to do this is to make eye contact, showing respect, sincerity and engagement. If you treat the jobseeker as an equal, you’re giving them a platform to show what kind of employee they will be in the workplace.

8. Smile

This is perhaps the most simple and easiest of them all, however people forget the power of a smile, especially if they are having a stressful and busy day. Smiling can instantly build a warm rapport and make the candidate feel at ease.

9. Common connections

Try to find something you have in common with the candidate whether it is something in your work history, past experiences or even something more personal. Finding a common theme will help the candidate find their comfort zone and feel on more equal terms in the interview, which will create a more open and honest dialogue.

10. Leave the hard questions until the end

The candidate should now feel at ease and can deal with any difficult questions they are unsure about. They may also be more honest if they don’t know the answers. By this point you should hopefully be able to engage the candidate in a more candid dialogue. 

Obviously, there is only a certain amount an interviewer can do and nailing an interview is about preparation, which in the end is up to the jobseeker.

But, it would certainly be a huge shame to miss out on a great candidate, just because they couldn’t show off the best version of themselves in what is a highly stressful and unique situation.

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