'Volcanic Vindaloo' curry challenge leaves rec firm burnin'

The recruitment industry is synonymous with a ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude. It’s all about catching those quality departing candidates hot on their heels, dealing with fiery personalities and developing resilience – you’ve got to handle the heat, or get out of the kitchen.

One recruitment firm, not shy of a flaming challenge, tested their resilience (and digestive systems) by trying out the ‘Volcanic Vindaloo’ - dubbed as the hottest supermarket takeaway.

The launch of Morrisons’ spicy curry inspired two employees at Kent-based rec firm, Red Eagle, to challenge the team of ten lads’ ability to handle the heat. The curry made for a reasonable lunch, at just £1.50, but it contains a lethal ingredient - the Naga Viper pepper, which has a rating of 1,382,118 on the Scolville scale. That’s 200 times hotter than a jalapeño.

Perhaps in need of a little warmth on a cold October morning, the consultants naïvely raced to the supermarket to grab the first batch and demolish it for lunch, not leaving a scrap, apparently.

When asked about how the challenge went, Managing Director at Red Eagle, Wayne Hodgson said: “This wasn’t my idea, but I couldn’t be the only male in the office to let the side down – I’m still in recovery mode and hope to make it through the night.”

However, this isn’t the first brow-raising stunt deployed by the Red Eagle team. Last month, two of the firms’ consultants got tattoos of the company logo, literally marking their dedication to their brand.

Hodgson, said of the challenge: “This is something you see on one of those ‘teenage holiday programmes where a few beers result in waking up with their new girlfriend’s name tattooed on their body - fortunately I have a great working relationship with these guys - let’s hope it lasts!” See more here.

The lads tucking into their beastly vindaloos.

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