Battle of the sexes: How male & female recruiters judge differently

‘Men are from Mars, women are from Venus’, a cheesy adage that has become synonymous with debunking relationships; but does this ring true in the labour market? Whilst modern society has been pushing against traditional gender norms, making strides both professionally and personally, do female and male recruiters actually differ when it comes to judging candidates?

Well, according to Jobvite’s 2017 Recruiter Nation Report, male and female recruiters do have different preferences. In fact, the study found that male recruiters (30%) tend to pay more attention to appearance, personal style and enthusiasm (66%), compared to females (23% and 60%, respectively) – Forbes reports.

This focus on appearance also meant that male recruiters judge candidates more harshly, with 29% more likely to disqualify a candidate for being dressed too casually, compared to 22% of female recruiters.

Furthermore, male recruiters are significantly more likely (32%) to look at candidates’ photos before meeting them than female recruiters (20%), and of those males, 12% are more likely to be negatively influenced by selfies on social media. Just five per cent of female recruiters would be put off by a candidate’s social media presence.

The study also showed gendered differences when it comes to candidate credentials, with female recruiters more likely to care about a candidate’s degree and references than males.

The report also elucidated on differences between Millennial recruiters and those over the age of 50. It found that younger recruiters placed more emphasis on conversation skills, enthusiasm and cultural fit than older recruiters, who value candidate’s knowledge of the industry and appearance.

Jobvite CEO Dan Finnigan, says the study serves as a reminder that not every recruiter is looking at the same thing. He says: “You can’t assume the only thing that matters is what you say on your application and on resume.”

A separate study from University of Sussex’s School of Business, Management and Economics, found that female employers are more inclined to hire LGBT candidates than male employers. 400 hiring managers were asked to rate a candidate’s CV on a scale from one to seven.

Female recruiters rated gay and lesbian candidates an average of 5.21 and straight candidates 4.8, whereas male recruiters scored gay and lesbian candidates 4.6 and straight candidates 4.93. 

What are your experiences of gender differences in recruitment? Do you think there is one? Tell us in the comments…


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