This Adzuna campaign is teaching candidates to smash the glass ceiling

In today’s progressive world, you’d imagine that diversity and equality would be paramount in employment. However, hiring without bias is still an underlying issue that many recruiters have to deal with each and every day.

Adzuna’s new marketing campaign, promoting their ValueMyCV tool, aims to help female candidates break through the glass ceiling – with the help of a witty new advert.

As the ad coins: “There's nothing more frustrating than feeling like you've hit a salary ceiling in your career.” And this is something which experienced recruiters see all the time – a client wants a fresh new candidate, but they are saddled down by unconscious bias and undetermined discrimination. The glass ceiling is not only stopping top-tier candidates from landing their ideal role, but it’s also preventing amazing employees from being promoted.

Certain industry leaders are also committed to stamping out bias in their sectors; such as Sacha Atherton, Director at Premier Parents Recruitment, who launched a firm aimed at getting parents back into the workforce. In a recent interview, she told us what motivated her to launched this new venture.

“I’ve gone through most of the same challenges my candidates have,” she explained. “I worked full-time for almost fifteen years and when my daughter started school last year, it was the right time for me to change that slightly. Long story short, my employer at the time didn’t want me to reduce my hours so I resigned from my role as Product Manager with the view of finding a more flexible job following her first couple of weeks at school, however, that didn’t go to plan.

“I couldn’t find anything locally offering any kind of flexibility, even with my skill set. So, after a few weeks of hunting and getting extremely frustrated, I decided recruitment was the missing piece. Not only are there hardly any part time or flexible roles out there but the recruitment process just isn’t family-friendly and employers are missing out on some serious untapped talent.”

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