"C***s” and “liars': Candidate threatens recruiters with violence

Guiding and counselling frustrated candidates is one of the less publicised jobs that recruiters perform every day, acting as the rocks that jobseekers lean on. However, most won’t expect to be abused for their troubles.

Yet, that is exactly what happened when an out-of-work candidate repeatedly called a recruitment firm and abused staff, letting his jobseeking woes get the better of him.

Stephen Chester, who was out of work, bombarded staff at Brook Street employment agency with more than three calls a day in a campaign that lasted weeks – Lancashire Evening Post (LEP) reports.

With the case taken to Preston Magistrates Court, the magistrates heard that Chester branded staff “c***s” and “liars” whilst he invited one staff member to his house.

As reported in the LEP, Prosecuting, Pam Ward said: “They first met him in March when he attended to register but following this they started to get about three calls a day requesting work.

Unfortunately, after a few days he became verbally abusive. He seemed to be getting more and more annoyed and accused staff of fobbing him off. He was screaming down the phone that the service was a ‘f***ing joke’. He threatened to wrap a telephone cord around the adviser’s neck.”

In defence, James Ball said that a brain tumour had caused Chester difficulties and that people had been cruel to him.

Chester has since found work in the merchant navy.

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Mon, 2 Oct 2017 3:25pm BST
25 years in recruitment and I'd say the last 5 years, threats and abuse from candidates is something that seems to be on the rise. I've been followed to my car, received voicemails threatening rape and then there's the few who call / email and are totally obnoxious and verbally aggressive from day one and can't understand why you don't want to find them work. Fortunately this is tempered by the majority of candidates who are a pleasure to work with.
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Wed, 20 Sep 2017 1:36pm BST
I have many stories of similar instances including stuff a lot more serious! I also work in Technical recruitment - not an area you would expect this to happen in I'm sure!
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Wed, 20 Sep 2017 1:01pm BST
Welcome to the world of temporary construction recruitment in Birmingham. This happens weekly, if not daily!
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