Candidate's 'epic and pointless' journey after rec firm blunder

Recruiters at Blue Arrow, a UK-wide recruitment firm, might be burying their heads in the sand after news of their candidate blunder went public.

Speaking to the Nottingham Post, Howard Brown, explained how the multi-branch recruiter sent him on a 50-mile round trip for a job - only to find out that the place of work wasn’t open.

Brown, who has been a professional chef for 30 years, was meant to start work as an industrial caterer at a factory, over Easter weekend earlier this year, but ended up stuck outside the building as the factory wasn’t open.

After driving to the job, and back, he claimed that he was owed £250 for a weekend of work that didn’t exist as well as £6.50 in lost fuel.

Following protracted talks, that took place over a series of months, Blue Arrow finally agreed to reimburse Brown £349 for the weekend’s work, including his expenses.

Brown told the Post: “I’m feeling a lot better. It is a lot of money. They have gone over the amount I was expecting, which was £250. They have gone over that in a way to say sorry. They have given me extra. They have been really apologetic about it and said sorry.

“It was just over 50 miles, probably a bit more, from where I live. It was a Saturday. I’d also turned down work from another agency because this job was time-and-a-half (on the Saturday) and double-time on the Sunday.”

A Blue Arrow spokesman said: ““Blue Arrow has offered to reimburse Mr Brown for expenses, and full payment for the shifts he was due to work.

“We are pleased to confirm Mr Brown has accepted the offer.”

Earlier this year, a LinkedIn report revealed that candidate’s wanted recruiters to tell them the truth ahead of many other concerns.

Whilst it is likely that Mr. Brown’s trip was the result of an administrative error or miscommunication between the client and Blue Arrow, finding out if a job exists or not, and sharing this information with the candidate, would be a boon to both worker and recruiter.

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Tue, 19 Sep 2017 2:13pm BST
Alan Corcoran
Fair play to Blue Arrow- compensating the candidate.

If it is news that an agency does the right thing great.

They have done the opposite of bury their heads in the sand (mis-used above). They have identified a possible mistake, investigated and rectified.
(let the the recruiter that has never make a mistake cast the first stone!!!!)
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