The speed of recruitment across the globe

The speed of hiring should never be the main focus of a recruiter. It’s important to be streamlined and efficient, however that shouldn’t come at the cost of making mistakes or overlooking candidates.

That being said, it’s been proven that certain countries are speedier in the recruitment process than others. A recent Glassdoor report has looked into the average length of time it takes to hire jobseekers in various countries around the world. By analysing almost 84,000 interview reviews, Glassdoor realised that the longest delays between hiring happened in Brazil (39.6 days), France (38.9 days), and Switzerland (37.6 days) – Tech Republic reports.

The shortest interview process happened in India (16.1 days), Israel (16.9 days), and Romania (19.2 days). The global average was worked out to be 23.7 days.

Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor's Chief Economist, explained the varied hiring time scales in a previous study by Glassdoor, as reported by Tech Republic. "Glassdoor's study found that the more regulatory hurdles companies face within their local labour markets, the more difficult it will be to hire — and fire — employees, directly impacting how long it takes to fill open roles.

“The longer it takes to hire, the greater the productivity loss for employers. And, the longer money is left on the table waiting for potential candidates."

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