3 strategies that genius recruiters are using

With almost seven in 10 recruiters noting the difficult nature of searching for full-time employees, it can be a challenge to create a recruitment strategy that appeals to clients and candidates alike.

Yet, as the much-publicised skills gap – the chasm between the skills applicants hold and the skills that today’s jobs need – costs the UK economy an estimated £2billion-a-year, recruitment can feel the heat to find the best hires.

It’s an issue that REC’s Chief Executive, Kevin Green explained is crucial to get right – especially with the economic uncertainity caused by an impending Brexit and a steadily depreciating pound.

He said: “Recruiters are on the frontline of the labour market [and] getting recruitment right is even more important during a time of economic uncertainty because businesses need to ensure they’re not wasting money.”

However, many of the current available options to recruiters appear to be stop gaps – rather than long term solutions to hiring problems.

Whilst just over half of businesses are increasing their advertised salary to plug this it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re getting the perfect candidate.

Furthermore, the 53% of firms choosing to hire lower-level employees for a higher-level role are then having to spend more to train those employees up to the opportune level.

Yet, some firms are using ingenious recruitment strategies that are more than just a plaster over a gaping recruitment wound.

Compiled from Business2Community’s round-up of top recruitment strategies, click next to discover three of the most innovative.

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