LinkedIn report reveals info candidates really want from recruiters

When clients’ demand for top notch candidates intensifies, the race to recruit is on.

However, reaching out to every potential hire in your candidate pool in a hurry is doing you a disservice - as the personal approach in recruitment is not one candidates should be deprived of.

According to a new report released by LinkedIn, aimed at recruiters, 90% of candidates are open to new job opportunities - yet over half (56%) are more likely to respond if they’re approached by a hiring manager. A further 63% admitting that they feel flattered when recruiters get in touch.

Despite LinkedIn’s features enabling faster communication, with, for example, the suggested email responses requiring one click, the first contact with candidates shouldn’t be impersonal.

The report which gathered insights from over 14,000 global professionals about their jobseeking attitudes and habits, suggests that recruiters should customise their emails, by addressing candidates directly with ‘you’ sentences e.g. ‘You have the mobile expertise to lead our team’ rather than ‘I have a developer job that pays X.’ Avoiding jargon and making sure you sound human is also important.

The report also found that the top information candidates want from a recruiter's first message includes:

  • Job details - 89%
  • Salary range - 72%
  • Company overview - 69%
  • Why I fit - 54%
  • Job title - 54%
  • Company culture - 40%
  • Company mission - 27%

With the top reasons for job change including higher compensation (45%), better skills and interest fit (37%) more growth opportunities (37%) and more challenging work (36%), recruiters should channel this information to potential candidates – but without giving it all away in the first email. Let them follow you with intrigue, and don’t lead on the money, it may give candidates a brief high, but it’s not what makes them loyal employees.

Once your candidate is interested, don’t rest on your laurels – 65% of them are put off by a negative interview experience. The report advises to debrief them on what to expect in a job interview, so they feel fully prepared: set clear expectations, a timeline and sample questions. 

Furthermore, interviews work both ways, with the top information candidates want to garner including roles and responsibilities (70%), how they fit with the team and company fit (42%) and salary and benefits (39%). 

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