Drugs, mothers & drunks - bosses recall worst job interviews

The great thing about diversity is encountering people from all walks of life, sharing our weird and wonderful stories and learning from each other.

Whilst a celebration of differences is always welcome, there are some situations which do call for a bit of structure and normality – one of which is the job interview. And whilst we can appreciate that nerves throw jobseekers off, there are just some things that even the most eccentric candidates should avoid - such as bringing in drugs or their mothers - when meeting a potential employer.

In a Reddit thread titled: Employers of Reddit, what was the worst way a candidate messed up a job interview with your company? those in hiring have pulled on their past experiences, sharing the worst and the best of the bunch. We’ve listed them below.

The ‘candidate’ is always right, right?

Eggplantsrin wrote: “Had an interviewee show up 10 minutes late to an interview, tell us our clock was wrong and proceed to take it off the wall and adjust it. After he left of course we adjusted it back to the actual time. EDIT: The interview was for an architect. He did not get the job. We needed someone we could work with.”

Got something to hide?

Strawberrypops: “A colleague of mine called this guy in for an interview. He didn't show and about two hours after he was due in, he called and said he'd been hit by a car. Colleague decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and they arranged another day. The day arrives and he didn't turn up again. We got a call from him a while later saying he'd broken his tooth on an almond and couldn't come as he'd had to rush to a dentist. My incredibly trusting colleague decided to try one more time another day. The guy turned up drunk.”

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