Recruitment lessons from Love Island

The reality television show, which returned for a third series on ITV in June and July, features singles competing to ‘couple up’ for a £50,000 prize. Attracting an audience of two million viewers per show, the popular programme has become a guilty pleasure for many professionals.

But what can recruiters learn from the world of fake tans, infinity pools and bikinis?

1. Reputation is not enough

As a newly created national hero, Marcel Somerville has proved that an illustrious past is not enough to maintain a high rate of candidate applications.

Marcel was a member of the hip-hop group Blazin’ Squad, famed for their 2002 number one single ‘Crossroads’. This brought him initial kudos on the show but he was voted as the public’s favourite male contestant due to his respectful approach to other islanders and his good advice which led him to be nicknamed ‘Dr Marcel’.

Recruiters cannot rely on a well-regarded reputation but must also prove to candidates that they would be great employers with respectful, thorough and interesting application processes. If candidates respect their employers, they are more likely to form strong and lasting relationships (as with Marcel and his girlfriend Gabby, who he met in the villa) which will ensure a higher retention rate.

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