Abacus Professional Recruitment: Failing to showcase THIS could put off talent

Abacus Professional Recruitment is putting corporate responsibility in the spotlight to highlight the value it brings to organisations’ recruitment strategies.

The Belfast-based agency is touting the benefits of benevolence during ‘Philanthropy Fortnight 2017’ with their research across Northern Ireland businesses finding that being socially responsible betters their chances at attracting talent.

Abacus found that employees place importance on the wider benefits employers offer to ensure career satisfaction, backing up research from Deloitte which revealed that 60% of Millennials stated that “a sense of purpose” is part of the reason they choose to work for their current employer.

In addition, 80% of the Millennials who envisioned a commitment of five years or more to their employers believed that they shared values with the company.

Abacus’ Director, Justin Rush comments: “We are finding that graduates and Millennials in particular not only appreciate but expect an organisation to truly live to its values. This includes providing opportunities for employees to engage in CSR initiatives and help the communities in which they operate.” 

The company is also announcing a partnership with The Prince’s Trust, where the firm will commit to a series of fund-raising and awareness-building activities including the charity’s renowned Million Maker’s Challenge.

Over the past year, the team at Abacus organised and took part in over 35 community and fundraising events, raising £18,000 for local causes including Inspire (formerly NIAMH) and the SOS NI.

Speaking exclusively to Recruitment Grapevine, Rush told us about the benefits supporting charity causes has had on the firm: "It’s important for us to promote corporate responsibility as  it provides autonomy for companies to problem solve and create a vibrant and innovative working environment.

"Within our business, a key element is to ensure everyone, at all levels, is actively involved in corporate responsibility. This includes coming up with ideas, helping to manage aspects of every event we do, liaising with charities and highlighting opportunities to get involved in communication to our customers. 

"This not only unifies our team, it also gives us a prime opportunity to support and give back to our local community. This community activity generates a better understanding of the charities and their needs we support with funding.

"Our corporate responsibility initiatives also give us the opportunity to have a lot of fun, build a closer team, enhance our brand and also spend some time with clients outside of the office. We have seen a great improvement in staff retention which is one of the main drivers behind the 40% increase in our business revenue and the increase in our profitability."

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