Clients spend worrying amount of time choosing recruiters

The way in which shoppers buy their jeans and trainers, or choose a restaurant for dinner, is affecting the manner in which employers now choose their recruiters.

This is according to a survey by BPS World which studied whether individuals’ consumer behaviour – such as choosing what to buy or where to dine out – was impacting their professional judgement.

Their results highlighted how 10% of companies take longer than a month to decide on a recruiter whilst, shockingly, 14% will ‘impulse buy’ and use whichever recruiter approaches them.

However, more and more firms are choosing to look at reviews when choosing suppliers and partner firms.

Yet, Simon Conington, MD of BPS World & Chairman of the REC Engineering and Technical sector, believes that recruiters can benefit from this trend, by working to meet behavioural changes that put greater emphasis on pre-purchase reviews.

Speaking exclusively to Recruitment Grapevine, Conington explained the situation: “ and Feefo are a good way to get a wider perspective of a company and will also reach an audience of clients and candidates.”

Conington believes that if the recruitment industry utilised this style of website, they would give employers more to consider.

This would help employers to partner with more suitable rec firms and get better hires. Currently, 30% of employers currently spend less than a day deciding on which recruitment partner to use.

The REC-council appointee believes that a Trip Advisor-style website, which shares pre-purchase reviews to help consumers choose a holiday destination, is what the industry needs.

He said: “One site to give honest and impartial reviews would encourage transparency within companies, encourage good recruitment practice and act as a forum for both clients and candidates to leave reviews and pass on important information to others to help with their decision making.

“It is important to be transparent for both audiences and provide a 360 view of the company” and would “highlights how, as an industry, we need to do more to differentiate ourselves.”

As the post-Brexit skills shortage rumbles on, confirmed by a recent REC report, and companies in many sectors find it increasingly difficult to fill permanent vacancies – spending more time considering a recruiter is one way to alleviate this issue.

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