7 deadly sins of recruitment

The world of recruitment is fraught with potential pitfalls, unseen dangers and candidate crises. Any recruiter worth their salt should arm themselves with the knowledge, and the know-how, before travelling deeper into the industry.

There’s a multitude of literature on what candidates should and should not be doing - flecked with tales of horror and interviews from hell. But what about recruiters? How can you avoid fire and brimstone, and side step the cardinal immoralities of the sector?

We have collected the seven deadly sins of recruitment and listed them below. Proceed at your own peril.

1. Feedback failure

The days can be long and treacherous – meeting after meeting alongside piles of intimidating paperwork. However, an inability to provide your candidates with helpful feedback is a sin that just cannot be forgiven. If you feel like you simply haven’t got a moment to spare, then take inspiration from Steve Thompson, Managing Director of Forward Role Recruitment, who recommends hiring a Director NO to deal with rejected candidates. It could save you time as well as your reputation.

2. Marketing mishaps

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your agency is simply too good to market. Candidates and employers need to know your name, and in a big way. Failure to advertise and make connections will result in declining business. 

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