Russell James Recruitment's 'inappropriate' & 'upsetting' email leaves candidate 'dumbfounded'

Being people-centric, whilst encouraging and helping others, is at the heart of recruitment, but sometimes, as with any profession, slip-ups do occur.

Such was the case for Russell James Recruitment, who accidentally copied a jobseeker into an internal email which tore apart his application, accusing him of “bulls***ing” on his CV.

Pedro Da Silva, a 38-year-old with ten years’ worth of management experience, was copied into the email from a recruitment agent that read: “No Buying experience and I think he is bulls****ing with his previous work experience.”

Da Silva told The Sun Online: “It was really upsetting to be honest, it’s not a lie, everything on my resumé is true. When I read that criticism, it really hurts – these are the people supposed to be trying to help you.”

After The Sun Online contacted Russell James Recruitment, they apologised to Da Silva. James Penfold, Engineering Recruitment Director at the firm, told the publication that the email had been sent in error.

He explained: “The wording was inappropriate and [the worker] has received a verbal warning for his actions. I have spoken with Mr Da Silva and apologised for any distress caused.

“Each consultant receives somewhere between 100 and 200 applications every day; meaning we are not able to call all of them.

“Some are highly inappropriate with candidates with no experience applying for Senior Management positions.”

He added that the candidate had applied for a job that he did not qualify for. “The information on his CV also did not match the information on his LinkedIn profile,” said Penfold. “This has all been discussed with Mr Da Silva in order to assist him in the future.”

Da Silva, who said he was “dumbfounded” by the lack of professionalism displayed by the firm, said he was surprised he hadn’t received a call after receiving the email, saying: “I was expecting an apology or a phone call, at least, to say ‘sorry for this unprofessionalism’.

“People might not have ten out of ten of the qualities needed by the employer, they might only have eight out of ten. But at least give that person a chance to present themselves to the client.”

And it’s not the first time that a jobseeker has been ridiculed by error.

One company inadvertently attached comments in their reply to a jobseeker, suggesting that she was “worth an interview if only for a laugh.”

Other highly-personal comments branded this jobseeker a “left-wing loon tree hugger”, “a biscuit short of a packet” as well as a “home educated oddball.”

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