PageGroup Director reveals the benefits of returning recruiters

The rec2rec market is “fiercely competitive” James Silverman, CEO of Hunted, told us last year.

With talent in short supply recruitment consultancies, and businesses, need to maximise every possible avenue to get the best people.

A market that is “ignored” by “most recruitment agencies” is the flexible work market, Shelley Snelson, Director and Co-Founder of Flexology, informed us last month.

“In fact,” she continued, “the number of flexible roles advertised is less than one in ten, and companies are missing out on a huge business opportunity that it offers - access to skills, improved diversity, improved retention, improved employee wellbeing to name a few.”

Another avenue, only opened in 2008 by Goldman Sachs, is ‘returnships’ - returning professional internships.

Helen Schwarz, Director - Page Executive at PageGroup, revealed to us the benefits that these can have. She said: “Sceptics might ask: what do returnships really offer? While there may be unfounded stigma attached to those who have been off work for a prolonged period, these programmes have many benefits.”

By utilising the elements of the workforce that may not be working at that time but are still on the books, the costs on onboarding and getting a recruiter up to full productivity are circumvented.

Schwarz hosted a Midlands Women in Business event in Birmingham last month. Speaking on the panel there was Danuta Grey, Independent Non-Executive Board Director at PageGroup. Grey, Schwarz informed us, “suggested that there is an additional benefit to businesses in terms of the time and money they have already invested in staff who return to the business after a break”.

Schwarz expanded: “Many businesses will have invested a lot in finding great people – particularly in training and developing them post-hire. With retaining talent such a high priority in today’s job market, returnships are a clear way to maximise the return on an initial investment by inviting previous employees back into the workplace.” 

Ironically, it all comes down to how well the consultancy practices what it preaches: recruitment. Schwarz concludes: “At the end of the day, it all boils down to what drives great recruitment in the first place: finding the best talent for the right roles and holding on to the high achievers.” 

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