53% of candidates turn down offers because of THIS...

The importance of a healthy and happy working environment is well-known by all professionals – and is a key factor in candidate attraction.

A recent survey from Furniture123.co.uk found that the majority of candidates would turn down an offer if they didn’t like the employer’s office.

A survey of 1,014 UK workers in full or part-time work found that 53% of jobhunters would certainly think twice about accepting an offer if they felt the working environment was not up to scratch.

One in two applicants admitted that the location of the office is key to accepting an offer, whilst 38% said that a lack of natural light would impact their decision.

Mark Kelly, Marketing Manager at Furniture123.co.uk, commented: “The data shows that companies need to pay attention to much more than salaries and benefits, when trying to attract top talent.

“Employers looking to attract the most talented staff in their field should keep this in mind when inviting candidates to interview.”

Ian Machell, Director of Sales Operations at Macildowie, also spoke to us about how to attract the top talent: “We recognise that the best candidates will not be sitting dormant on a recruiter’s database for long periods of time and that it is highly unlikely that they will respond to poorly positioned or generic job adverts.

“It is a candidate-focused market place at the moment, with an abundance of great opportunities available, so recruiters need to find a way of sourcing candidates above and beyond advertising, they also need to deliver an excellent service to enhance their personal reputation in order to stand out from the crowd.”

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