What your candidates can learn from Emma Watson's awkward job interview

Everyone wants the job, but it’s easy to forget that in the interview room.

This can lead to awkwardness and the candidate not putting the best version of themselves across. A scene similar to this plays out in upcoming film The Circle.

The Circle, based on a novel by Dave Eggers of the same name, thematically concerns itself with the themes of privacy, surveillance and freedom. Lofty indeed. But that’s not covered in the job interview.

In an early scene, protagonist Mae Holland (played by Emma Watson) takes part in a job interview where the questions seem roguish in the way that they veer from topic to topic. Very Google, one could observe. Perhaps unsurprisingly then, Google recruiter Keawe Block’s advice rings true for Holland here; don’t discount soft skills.

“Show us what you can do - even if you didn't learn it at school,” he wrote in Fast Company, before adding that confidence is key, “during an interview, one should always remember 'what got you noticed in the first place' and not lose confidence or composure.”

Despite the erratic nature of the line of questioning she maintains her confidence throughout, even when a deliberately inappropriate question – would you like to go out with me? – is thrown her way.   

Before your candidate goes to interview they should remember these three words: confidence is key. The rest will follow.  

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