Disabled jobseeker makes heart-felt plea to recruiters

Hiring inclusively should always be at the forefront of any good recruiter’s mind. And whilst diversity is a word thrown around all too casually these days, it’s still an important factor to consider when looking to place candidates in roles.

A jobseeker who suffers with learning difficulties recently made a heart-felt plea to recruiters and employers in a bid to find much-needed work – Kent Live reports.

Andrew Smedy went through training with the help of a charity, Pepenbury, in order to increase his chances of finding a suitable role. However, he is yet to find one.

Pepenbury aims to help disabled candidates through the hiring process by offering them training such as CV writing and interview practice.

In his plea for work, Smedy said: "I've been doing a lot of woodwork, where I work with table saws and all sorts of machinery.

"I also do welding, so I can fix gates and hinges. I work in the garden and have my own petrol strimmer.

"I want to try and work part-time, and sell some of the things I make to get some money. I want employers to realise that I can't read or write but I am capable of doing other things. I'm very good with my hands, I don't mind hard work and I can look after myself.

"I am looking for a job to start paying me, because before I could not get any money. I want to be able to put it into a savings account."

And inclusivity should never stop at disabilities. Russell Brand, the comedian and activist, has launched an employment service for ex-offenders and people overcoming addiction, with the help of The Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust (RAPt).

The RAPt’s Chief Executive, Mike Trace, said: “Our clients are motivated to put a life of crime and addiction behind them, and getting a job and having a legitimate income is a part of that process.

“Employers may instinctively avoid recruiting from this group but we are calling on organisations who can offer employment opportunities to our clients to get in touch.

“Over a third of our own staff are in recovery from addiction or ex-offenders themselves and we have seen thousands more thrive with other employers or by setting up their own businesses.”

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