Jobseeker who found love via ad, finds job the same exact way...

Candidates are finding more and more unique ways of making themselves attractive to the employers they want to work for. The standard CV just won’t cut it in today’s competitive market, with recruiters wanting to see more of the person behind the paper-based run through of their previous jobs.

One such jobseeker decided to go about finding a job the same way he found love – via a lonely-hearts advert in his local paper.

Darius Harden moved to Plymouth after falling in love with a woman he met through an advert. However, this left him without a job – Plymouth Herald reports. After months of trying to secure employment, Harden decided to think outside the box and implement the same system he used to meet the love of his life.

After regaling his story, though the newspaper, it seems that recruiters were touched by his predicament and called to offer him placements. Finally, the loved-up candidate found a role through Adam Wilcott from Wilco's Waste Management in Torpoint.

Speaking to the publication, Harden said: “He read the article in the paper, I spoke to him on Sunday then I started on Monday. I'm over the moon. I'm really pleased. It is hard work but I'm so grateful."

This story holds a lesson for both recruiters and employers – namely that getting to know your candidates is beneficial to both parties. By understanding their backstories, and their future plans, you’re not only helping them secure a role that suits them, but a life beyond that too. 

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