Meet Opus Groups' new MD & Founder of Recruitment Entrepreneur, Amy Golding

Opus Professional Services Group has appointed a new Managing Director, Amy Golding, to oversee plans to further expand the global recruitment firm.

Golding is also the Founder of Recruitment Entrepreneur, a Venture Capital fund which gained a turnover of £17million in three years. She also spent four years at Deloitte as a Senior Consultant, before moving on to become the personal business advisor to James Caan.

We spoke to her about how she fell into the role at Opus…

I was actually doing a consultancy project for Opus for three months, so I wasn’t originally interviewing for a role. It was actually the work I was doing with them that highlighted the need for a new Group MD!

During my time working with them, I just fell in love with the culture and people and it seemed like a natural fit from both sides. I never really had that ‘getting the job’ moment. It’s been so busy, that I’ve not had time to celebrate, but we went on a Directors ski trip this weekend.

Opus has been such an exciting, fast growth business since inception, so it’s going to be an awesome but intimidating challenge. My plan is to ensure that the business has all the structure and rigour it needs to ensure the growth continues. I’ll be doing a lot of work with all the different directors, brands and countries to ensure we are sharing best practice across the group and really taking advantage of all the amazing things going on in different business units to make the company as strong and collegiate as possible.

She also told us about what it means to be part of the Virgin Fast Track business…

The Opus Professional Services Group have been a fast growth business since 2012 when they first made the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 list. They simultaneously made it into the Recruiter Hot 100 and have continued at a competitive growth rate ever since.

Following the company’s success in 2016, making the Virgin Fast Track for, yet, another year, we anticipate that 2017 success is in sight. That being said, as the company continues to expand globally, ensuring this pace of growth becomes more challenging. My role will help harness the existing growth and power it forward to guarantee high performance and increase Net Profit to reach a turnover of £100million in 2017.

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