Will Facebook Jobs render LinkedIn obsolete?

‘Move Fast, Break Things’ may be Facebook’s old motto, but its spirit lives on in their latest venture – Facebook Jobs.

The feature, which was rolled out last week after being revealed by TechCrunch late last year, allows users to apply for jobs by simply clicking on an ‘Apply Now’ button when an employer posts a job on their page that is in a preselected two- to 100-mile radius.


The button takes you to a form that has predetermined information gleaned from the user's Facebook account; name, phone number, email, education and employer information. The form also asks for a 1,000 character explanation on why you’re the best candidate for the job.

The application is received by Facebook Messenger, but the employer can only see what is made public by the user-in-question.

So, what has the reaction been so far?

Beth Lawton, Owner of Canoe Media Services, told Forbes: “It seems like eventually I’d have to do a lot of scrolling through irrelevant listings before finding something I'd apply for.

“It's certainly not the first place I'd think to go. I'd start with more traditional job boards, company websites, LinkedIn and, of course, networking before searching Facebook for a job.”

Jonathan Duarte, CEO and Co-Founder of GoHire, said to the same publication that he knew of a trio of firms who had utilised the new function, and even spent $100 on increased visibility, but only received three applications per post.

He added: “An equivalent spend on Indeed or craigslist, or another pay-for-click job board, would have resulted in over 100 responses.”

Similarly, Rachel Fremont Alansky, President of Seamless HR Solutions, expressed concern that it’s too difficult to get a response from applicants: “I think it is still too young. It looks good for part-time or non-professional jobs. I don't think it will replace LinkedIn for professional jobs but may replace craigslist and it was free.”

More can be seen in the video below. 

Have you used Facebook Jobs as recruiter or applicant? If so, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below. 

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