Has the fashion for 'creative' CVs gone too far?

Candidates are getting creative with their CVs, as the trend for sending recruiters increasingly niche applications is still proving to be in vogue.

Doing anything to stand out, graduate candidates know how cut-throat the jobs market is at the moment, and have proved they are willing to get artistic with their CVs. A study from the CIPD revealed that there are not enough high-skilled jobs to go around for the number of graduates on the labour market. Instead, graduates are forced to take jobs that they are over-qualified for.

We’ve seen candidates send recruiters cupcakes with virtual CVs on the icing, we’ve seen them auction themselves off on eBay and even utilising Google ad words.

However, the CVs are not always met with elation. A recent post on LinkedIn proved that sometimes these CVs only serve to titillate the recruiter, and don’t necessarily come across as sincere. Martin Kevill, Senior Content Strategist, posted a picture on LinkedIn of an “amazing CV”.

The post read: “Amazing CV delivered this morning, which came in through the window attached to an otter I might add.

“This candidate has sent us some wafer-thin chicken, an Oreo and half a Maryland cookie, along with a curriculum vitae I now don't need to even read.

“It's safe to say I'll be giving Clive a call this afternoon.”

Whilst this CV is obviously a joke, and not real, it does highlight the point that sometimes it’s better to keep things simple.

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