Rob Lowe PA job ad seeks candidate who can lift 25lbs

The role of the Personal Assistant usually involves an aspect of fulfilling bizarre requests for someone who is in a high-profile role.

However, for a recruiter, such a position would have no shortage of applications. The biggest problem would be weeding out the fans from the professionals.

Actor Rob Lowe, who has won two Screen Actors Guild Awards for his role in The West Wing, as well as receiving Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for the serial political drama, has reportedly placed a job advert looking for a PA – TMZ reports.

The job requirements include:

  • Never assume anything
  • Ensure Lowe’s fed and has coffee throughout the day
  • Schedule haircuts every episode for him
  • Ensure he has a dinner plan if he is arriving home later than 8pm
  • Make sure that estate staff are aware if he wants a jacuzzi or massage upon arrival at home
  • Must be willing to travel to location and serve as his “body man”
  • Must be able to lift up to 25lbs to support him

The salary is £55,500 plus benefits.

TMZ says that a spokesperson for Lowe “played down” the job advert but did confirm that “coffee is his number one priority in life”.

The only truly unusual requirement for the apparent role is being able to lift 25lbs.

Ex-England footballer Jermain Defoe has previously hit the headlines after advertising for a PA to, amongst other things, keep his fridge stocked. It is unknown who filled the role.

On the other side of the coin, we have also covered the worst errands and most outrageous requests from business owners to their PAs. 

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