Why admin is killing your contracts!

How many times have you been chomping at the bit to steal some valued client time, only to be left with a pile of forms and papers needing endless ticks and signatures?

Recruitment is, at heart, a people-centric sector. Unfortunately, the administrative necessities of the job can sometimes impact on how much time is spent understanding and helping customers.

Well, there may well be an answer to your paperwork woes in the form of Adobe Sign.

Bringing together a consolidated model with improved automotive management, Adobe Sign is the next generation of recruitment tech – meaning you spend less time worrying about contracts and more time driving efficiency.

Award winning UK job search, Jobsite, found this out for themselves following their implementation of Adobe Sign. Gain a greater visibility, improve productivity and enjoy the improved contract turnaround in a superior time frame.

“With Adobe Sign, the sales team spends less time chasing contracts,” explains Heidi Lynch, Salesforce Systems Manager at Jobsite. “With real-time access to the status of a contract, we have more control over accuracy, deadline and contract maintenance.”

To find out how Adobe Sign helped Jobsite, and can help you, download the case study


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