Digital collaboration enhances candidate experience

Relationships are central to the success of a business, regardless of the industry in which they operate. However, in executive search where intimacy and insight into clients’ needs and an understanding of candidates’ capabilities are paramount, this statement rings even truer.

We live in a world where the information accessed and held on digital devices is fundamental to our everyday lives and instant feedback and access to information on the go is now a necessity rather than a possibility. In a world of digital expectancy, technologies are not intended to replace personal engagement or direct communication with candidates –they are a complimentary tool for strengthening relationships and providing an exceptional candidate experience.

With digital natives increasingly occupying senior and strategic roles, let’s take a closer look at the value of digital collaboration in the candidate journey.

An enhanced candidate experience

Digital technologies and the ability to digitally collaborate with candidates offers an opportunity to enhance and enrich the key relationships between a candidate and their trusted consultant. In addition, digital technologies improve communication, which will ensure you provide a streamlined and efficient hiring process. Moreover, the ability to provide candidates with instant access to information on their device of choice, will further enhance the candidate experience. There is little doubt that the use of digital technologies should be a key consideration for the executive search profession.  

Consider yourself in the position of a candidate, en-route to an interview, having perhaps had less time than hoped to prepare. You reach for your mobile phone and click on an app, containing all the information that you need. This will include the interview details, who you’re meeting, their bio, company briefing and role description and the interview location and maps. Without question, the ability to instantly access all the information you need, on your device of choice, significantly enhances your experience as a candidate. 

Mobile technologies undoubtedly offer one of the greatest opportunities to enhance the candidate experience through digital collaboration. Mobile devices present the greatest opportunity to capture, share or view pertinent data on-demand. Mobile technology is always with us, so we must consider it central to effective digital success and enhancing the experiences of top candidates.

Digital technologies cannot and will not replace the fundamental basis of executive search, your trusted and personal relationships with candidates. But as the world goes digital, it’s an interesting and appropriate time for the executive search profession to reflect on how and where the opportunities that digital presents can be harnessed to help stay relevant, informed, innovative and ahead. There is little doubt that providing an enhanced candidate experience and meeting the expectations of digitally native candidates is a good place to start.

If you would like to learn more about how digital technologies can enhance your key client and candidate relationships register for the webinar on Wednesday 15 March, 4 pm. Or for more information on how Invenias’ latest developments will improve digital collaboration with your clients and candidates, request a free no obligation demo with a member of our experienced team.

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