7 traits of the greatest recruiters

It’s well known that that recruiters are a certain type of person, well, the best end up being multiple persons all at once: they have to be a coach, a friend, a messenger, a researcher, a teacher and a spokesperson. The list goes on and on.

Speaking to Warren Kemp, CEO of Recruitment Matters International and Managing Partner at the Kemp Consultancy, he explained that: "good recruiters tend to have two out of the three main traits required [whilst] great recruiters have all three."

Kemp continued: "Good recruiters can hit the highs. Great recruiters never fall below the bar. The three traits needed to be great are consistency, commitment and belief."

Last year, REC Chief Executive Kevin Green spoke at REC’s Insitute of Recruitment Professional Awards, explaining that the best “recruiters transform lives” and that “every year the calibre of entries to the IRP Awards gets better and better.”

But, how does a good recruiter become a great one?

We’ve collated some of the most necessary skills that recruiters need to display, alongside comments working recruiters left on our social media feeds.

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