Why recruiters can relate to the Catholic Church

Sometimes there are roles to fill but there just aren’t enough candidates to fill them – a problem all too familiar to the Catholic Church.

The issue often stems from either a lack of skills and experience, or a bigger issue; a lack of interest in the vocation. The latter is the primary cause of Scotland’s priest shortage, but is something that recruiters can relate to when trying to fill certain roles.

Whether it is a job that no one wants to do, or a sector/industry that isn’t getting enough interest from recent grads, finding candidates can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

According to The Herald in Scotland, the Catholic Church has just launched its biggest recruitment drive for priesthood in generations, reacting to a rapid decline in clergy numbers. The number of priests in parts of Scotland is predicted to drop by 100 in the next two decades.

The solution: personal testimonials. In an attempt to target a generation of males in their 20s, the Church is launching a magazine that will include the personal testimonials of those currently studying at the Scots College in Rome. The belief is that this will be one of the most effective tools for selling religious life to potential recruits.

This is a tactic recruiters can adopt when briefing candidates about prospective roles that they may not be interested in. Highlighting previous successes in similar roles could encourage jobseekers who hold doubts about the role.

Furthermore, the Church has recognised the importance of different communication channels. John Keenan, President of the Church’s national vocations agency and incumbant Bishop of Paisley, talks to The Herald about the Church’s aims to recruit more priests: “As I go round our parishes, schools and youth events I see, every day, young or single men who’d make ideal priests and I’m sure God is calling many of them to be priests for Scotland.

“But they won’t come forward unless they hear God’s call. Today God calls them through modern media.”

Another lesson for recruiters that may not yet be utilising every social media platform to their advantage.

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Thu, 2 Feb 2017 12:42pm GMT
Probably quite a good market to get into considering how much money the Catholic Church have.
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