The Chemistry Group appoints Expedia Founder to establish technology office

The Chemistry Group have appointed Hootsuite’s former CTO to establish a technology development office.

Former Chief Technology Officer of Hootsuite, Ajai Sehgal, will join the group, where he will establish a Seattle office for the company, which will lead on its technology development and service US-based clients.

Sehgal was previously the Vice President of Product and Technology for the Groupon Global Travel and Vice President of Supply Technology at Expedia – the latter of which he was also founder.

Speaking about his new role, Sehgal comments: “Across the world, there are people stuck in jobs that don’t satisfy them. There’s a job out there for everybody to be great at. It’s just a question of finding it.

“What really impressed me is Chemistry’s ability to predict someone’s potential with incredible accuracy. I’ve seen it first hand and it blew me away. The impact for this is really exciting, and will completely re-invent how we work.”

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