Jark Recruitment: 5 tips for starting up a recruitment business

Last year, a record number of recruitment consultancies entered the market, with 4,529 new agencies and recruitment businesses registered between January and December of 2016.

Those figures from Clearly PR & Marketing Communications are reflective of the surge in the sector, and the milieu of the UK economy. But just how does one go about launching your own recruitment start-up?

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Industry veteran John Buckman recently spoke to startups.co.uk to give his professional advice on how budding entrepreneurs can become their own boss. Having launched his own successful agency, Jark Recruitment, Buckman advised recruiters to look closer at their business model.

He gave his top 10 tips, from which we’ve selected our favourite five, on how to start a recruitment agency;

1. Start with a clear idea

“If you’re thinking of starting up you’re probably a recruitment professional who wants to use your experience to ‘do it your way’. You’ll be looking to reap more of the rewards of your own hard work, and you’re probably bursting with ideas on how to run your own agency.

“All of that is good. But, be clear about what you want to do. Identify the sector or sectors you know most about, go with your current experience. Decide what it is that makes you special and how you can shape a business that offers something your competitors don’t.”

2. Finance

“The most important thing is to have funding in place for both the longer-term implications and the short-term demands. There will be start-up costs – premises, branding, computers and of course staff – even if that’s just you! Longer term you’ll need to ride out the cashflow implications of the early days. At best you’ll be spending money 30 days ahead of income.”

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