Candidate 'put through the wringer' with 17 job interviews for one role

The importance of making a good first impression during that dreaded interview stage is a skill that recruiters have to instil in their candidates from the off-set. But imagine the trepidation of having to prepare for not one, not two but up to 17 interviews, just for one role.

A former Facebook employee has recalled the experience of interviewing for a job at the technology giant, in a report with CNBC.

Chris Gomersall, who adopted the unique spelling of his name in childhood, told the news station that he had to go through 17 rounds of interviews before he was offered the role of creative strategist.

“The company put me through the wringer,” he explained. “I think I had 17 interviews to get there. I thought it's because the position never existed before. But then I found out that everybody at Facebook really goes through the same thing."

He worked for Facebook from 2012 to 2015, after a slew of telephone and in-person interviews. Yet despite the on-going interview processes, Gomersall explained how Facebook’s management style was more “hands off”.

"Everything was based on performance and results, rather than hour-by-hour work," he said. “If you're delivering the results and making an impact on the business or the product, it doesn't matter how you get there.

"The results speak for themselves."

Gomersall theorised that whilst the company takes so long to select the perfect candidate, they’re so confident in their choice that they are able to stand off and allow the new employee to shine. 

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Thu, 26 Jan 2017 2:28pm GMT
I'm sorry, am I reading this right? He adopted the spelling of his name as alternating capitals as a child and still uses it??? Really??

Is it just me that finds that odd? Does he phone up his bank and say 'Chris, capital C, Capital R, Capital S???

Each to their own I guess.
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