Candidate allegedly attends interview with gun in car & is charged

Job interviews can be dangerous things – nervous twitching candidates, overly eager graduates and CVs littered with grammatical errors.  

However, a good recruiter knows how to navigate these nuances and make the most of the situation. But what would you do if a candidate turned up to a job interview with a gun?

A female jobseeker allegedly turned up to an interview with the FBI and wound up being taken to court for a misdemeanour gun charge – The Exponent Telegram reports.

Kimberly Dawn Rush was on her way to interview for a job in the government facility in Clarksburg, US, when she was supposedly caught carrying a deadly weapon without a provisional licence – which is required in America for state residents under the age of 21.

FBI Police Officer First Class J. Barnes alleges in court that Rush informed authorities on her arrival to the centre that “she was driving her boyfriend’s car and he often keeps a concealed 9mm pistol inside.

“She called to confirm this with her boyfriend, who stated the firearm was located in the back seat under a bunch of towels.

“Miss Rush then signed consent to search vehicle waiver and allowed myself and Officer Cody Johnson to retrieve the firearm.

“Miss Rush is 20 years of age and under (West Virginia) Code unable to carry a concealed firearm,” the complaint alleges. “She was then placed under arrest for said offense.”

Rush could face up to one year in jail if convicted and a fine of up to $1,000 – the publication reports. 

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