2017 sees huge surge in jobseekers

Instead of candidates using their Christmas break to find a new job, they’re starting their job hunt after returning to their current workplaces.

According to Jobsite’s report, job applications are expected to rise by around 60% this morning based on last year’s trends, which saw an influx of candidates during the first day back to work – Chronicle Live reports.

Nick Gold, Chief Executive of Jobsite, comments: “Our data suggests that rather than using their time off to find their next role, candidates are stepping up their job searches once they return to work.

“We see a remarkable growth in applications, candidate registrations and visits during the first working week of the year, with an exceptional spike on the first working Monday as professionals settle back into their routine and begin to action their New Year’s resolutions.

“What’s more surprising is the number of visits and applications on Christmas Day. Clearly jobseekers are finding time between opening presents and eating the turkey to find their next job.”

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