Staffing problems preventing long-term strategy, says Curve Group

Issues such as talent retention and hiring are weighing heavy on the minds of employers who need to scour for fresh applicants.

The Curve Group, an employment agency, spoke to fifty leading UK HR Directors about their worries over hiring and the current talent shortages.

Lyndsey Simpson, Co-Owner of The Curve Group, explained: “Our research recently found that the UK’s HR Directors are spending their time predominantly on day to day staffing requirements rather than building long term business strategy.

“These skilled individuals are in such high demand by other companies that we are likely to see turnover increase. This is the root cause of the Talent Tightrope – senior professionals are unable to liberate themselves from tackling recruitment and staffing problems, and thus are struggling to effectively develop strategies to plan and ensure their organisations become a magnet for Talent.

“On an encouraging note, three quarters of the forward-thinking businesses in our research were planning to either continue current levels of outsourced support for staffing and talent management functions, or told us that outsourcing would likely increase in 2017. Outsourcing some HR functions in this way can reduce acquisition overheads by a quarter for businesses – so not only liberate HR Directors to address big issues, but these companies’ recruitment costs are lowered.

“At The Curve Group, we believe this will be a major differentiator for all businesses in the UK walking the Talent Tightrope in 2017. Savvy businesses are streamlining, more able to plan and resource effectively, and will be in a strong position to deal with the talent management rigours of the year ahead.”

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